Empathy and Inclination towards Creativity is Imperative in the Design

Global organizations are integrating design in their business. Design positively impacts all the functions of an organization. ‘Design Thinking’ is now being considered essential for innovation and for generating new solutions.

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MIT professors and a brand strategist get together to start DesignGild, a design accelerator for startups

There is a customised road map for every selected startups, depending upon the starting point and the goals to be achieved. Every startup has access to various mentors, field experts, academic researchers, and enthusiastic design students spanning 10 design disciplines, as well as all prototyping resources along with access to investors.


Pre Budget Expectation: What Indian Entrepreneurs Are Looking For In The 2017 Union Budget

Come February 1, India expects a lot from Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. 2016 saw two major economic decisions by the government; one was the Goods and Services Tax and the other, demonetisation. 


As fund flow dries up, startups look up to Budget with big expectations

Year 2016 budget had a slew of sops for startups involving a three-year tax holiday, presumptive tax scheme for small businesses, increase in 80GG deduction by Rs 33,000 per annum among others. For Budget 2017, the talking point for many startups is taxation on valuation, which has shot up significantly in recent years due to sharp rise in online transactions.


The Top 60+ Active Startup Accelerators In India

“It’s almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.” – Richard Harroch, Venture Capitalist and Author.


Waning funding takes bite out of start-ups

Union commerce minister Nirmala Sitharaman recently hinted that the upcoming Budget would have tax sops for start-ups, showing the government’s intent to nurture entrepreneurship and create a favourable climate for start-ups to thrive.


Meet 5 Indian Startup Accelerators Who are Supporting Startups to Create Benchmark

A startup accelerator is built to foster rapid growth of its portfolio companies. It acts as a catalyst for creating exciting learning opportunities and habits for the future generations. The ultimate goal of accelerators is to create success tactics of fast-growing startups.


MITID’s Design-Led Startup Accelerator Programme DesignGild Invites Applications For Its First Batch

The startups selected will be part of a six-month programme, wherein startups will get an exposure to new design methods, co-working space, access to prototyping facilities, IPR consulting and facilitation. They will also get business development support, public relations and processes to enable them to unlock business opportunities.


DesignGild launches startup accelerator

DesignGild, India’s first design-led startup has announced the launch of its first startup accelerator program. DesignGild is an initiative of the MIT Institute of Design, Pune. The boot camp for these startups commences in the first quarter of 2017 in Pune.


MIT launches accelerator programme for design-led startups

A set of experienced design mentors and a dedicated design team will work together with the startups on various stages from design strategy to operations.


DesignGild to hold camp for start-ups

The accelerator programme will help start-ups to convert their ideas into market-ready products and service offerings and create value at the intersection of design, technology and business.