Design is being used as problem solving methodology and tool to create value for business and society.  There are different ways in which start-ups and founders can engage with Design.Discuss and explore how design can benefit your start-up with our team at Designgild.

Design@Scale is about discovering how your start-up can scale-up through Design.


What's in it for you?

·         Get your business / product proposition reviewed

·         Map your Customer experience, build a brand and identify the product market fit

·         Assess your Design Maturity

·         Explore ways of building Innovation Culture through design

·         Understand creative methods of prototyping and validating ideas

·         Discover various Models of engagement for design

·         Or simply discuss anything at the intersection of Design & Business

YOUr design coaches :

HARSHIT DESAI | Harshit has been at the cusp of design, business and education for a long time. He collaborates with diverse MNCs, start-ups, government agencies and social enterprises to develop the relevant models of engagement for Design. He is faculty of Design Management and has developed unique pedagogy based on principles of Design thinking, lean and agile methods, social enterprise and business model innovation.

APURVA CHORDIA | Apurva, herself a designer and strategist has worked in the Design eco-system with start-ups, design studios and corporates. Her core competencies include product design, brand strategy, business design and innovation cultures. She strongly believes when good design is incubated at the strategic and operational level early on in a company, a start-up scale up faster and in a more efficient manner.