Brand Story: Explained

Leveraging the power of Design to create business value.

DesignGild is a start-up Eco-system that provides high-quality design mentorship and business development support to create Design-led businesses. We provide the right platform to incubate and accelerate innovative business ideas through a design focused road map. We achieve this by leveraging our vast network of experienced design professionals, consultants, academicians, researchers and students. We also provide a creative and fun environment, innovative work-spaces, robust infrastructure, prototyping facilities and other business support services. We aim to be the one stop solution for building world class design-led ventures. We believe we can take a start-up from one plane to a completely new and better one by playing on our strength: Design Thinking.

Our identity reflects this promise.

A dynamic identity that embraces change and symbolizes agility. It signifies exploring new paradigms, changing dimensions and moving from one plane to another with DesignGild’s support. The visual play on the letter ‘N’ symbolizes the N number of possibilities that await those associated with DesignGild. And the arrows suggest how we are always moving away from the conventional ways of thinking.

Together, we are bound to progress and create a new dimension, a plane, an added value proposition.